Calistril 23-24 – The group arrives at Oleg’s Trading Post and sets up ambush for bandits due to arrive shortly after dawn. After defeating bandits, group questions 3 captured bandits before executing one for banditry.
Calistril 25 – Group encounters 4 kobolds who have claimed a radish patch as their own, and are unwilling to trade or sell. Kobolds are promptly executed. return to Oleg’s for resupply. They meet Kesten Garess.
Calistril 26 – Group finds a clear glade, but no leads.
Calistril 27 – Group clears a hex.
Calistril 28 – Group finds a glade ridden with bear traps. They dismantle or collect what they think is all of them.
Calistril 29 – Group finds a dead trapper under a tree. Strange happenings begin.
Calistril 30 – Group travels back to Oleg’s for resupply. They meet Jhod Kavken.
Pharast 1 – Group meets Old Bokken and clear his hex.
Pharast 2 – Group clears a hex.
Pharast 3 – Group fights and survives a Giant Trap-door spider.
Pharast 4 – Group finds a small cache of items under the claw tree.
Pharast 5 – Group heeds the warning of Davik Nettles to return the Stag Lord’s body to the river.
Pharast 6 – Group finds the Old Sycamore Tree and clear most of the mite lair underneath. They recover an ivory statuette and befriend Mikmek.
Pharast 7 – Group rests overnight before heading back into the mite lair to “fully explore” (loot).
Pharast 8 – Group travel’s back to Oleg’s to resupply.
Pharast 9-19 – Group clears out the eastern Greenbelt, forges a truce with the Sootscale Kobolds, clears out the mite lair, and meet Davik Nettle’s.
Pharast 21 – Group heads west.
Pharast 22 – Group finds a Barbarian Cairn on a cliff, including a magical ring.
Pharast 23 – Group finds an old temple to Gyronna.
Pharast 24 – Group meets a Will-o-wisp. Decides to run like wusses
Pharast 24 – Finding some hot springs, the group dispatches three giant frogs that almost ate Munnin.
Pharast 26 – Group finally finds the Temple of the Elk, and lay to rest its cursed guardian. The temple is freed from its curse.
Pharast 27 – Group finds Tuskgutter’s lair! He is slain after just goring one person.
Pharast 28 – Group picks some more fangberries, and heads back to Oleg’s to resupply.
Pharast 29 – Group reaches Bokken’s hut and Oleg’s, completes quests.
Pharast 30 – Group spends the day crafting 2x cloaks of resistance +1. New charter from Restov arrives to dispatch the Stag Lord.
Gozran 1 – Group sets out to continue charting the south-western greenbelt.
Gozran 2 – Group finds a boggard and its two pet Slurks. They want to be left alone, but noone speaks boggard.
Gozran 3 – Group finds a statue of Erastil. Statue is clean and Erastil takes notice, blessing the party.
Gozran 4 – Group finds a dead unicorn in a defiled clearing. Looks to have died to a death effect.
Gozran 5 – Group transports the unicorn’s body to the statue of Erastil, to leave it to rest.
Gozran 6 – Group finds the Tatzlwyrm’s lair. They are dispatched and a head collected.
Gozran 7 – Group finds a trapped Blood Cougar. Foolishly approaches the pit and some get trapped in with it. It is slain after hilarious fight.
Gozran 8 – Group travels back to Oleg’s to recover and prepare to assault the Stag lord’s fort.
Gozran 9 – Group travels to the Stag Lord’s fort to infiltrate and finish the stag lord once and for all.
Gozran 10 – The group kills the Stag Lord, return his body to the river, and befriend Akiros. They return to Oleg’s.
Gozran 17Kesten Returns from Restov with a new charter, granting the party the right to rule!
Gozran – First hex claimed and Grenhelm founded. Castle Built
Desnus – Second hex claimed and farm built.
Sarenith – Third hex claimed and farm built. Noble Villa built.
Erastus – Fourth hex claimed and farm built. Exotic Craftsmen built.
Arodus – A serial killer comes to Grenhelm!
Rova – Fifth hex claimed and mine built. Luxury store built.
Lamasham – serial killer captured! Tatzlford is founded.
Neth – Sixth hex investigated, claimed and mine built.
Kuthona – Seventh hex claimed.


Abadus – Salvage killings are put to a stop: a werewolf is seen in town, and captured. Oleg and Svetlana Leventon divorce. Olegton founded.


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