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  • Stolen Lands

    Across the northern frontier of the River Kingdoms runs a hinterland not even the most brazen bandit lords dare to claim. Sharing borders with strange barbarians and the scions of a proud kingdom, this wilderness invites few intruders, out of fear of …

  • Restov

    Nowhere is the Rostlandic spirit more alive than in the Free City of Restov. The city owes its allegiance to the Brevic crown, and [[:lord-mayor-ioseph-sellemius | Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius]] (NG male human aristocrat 3/expert 2) must bend his knee …

  • Brevoy

    Brevoy is a proud land, known throughout Golarion for producing able warriors, regal nobles, and clever rogues. Yet Brevoy’s two regions, Issia and Rostland, have long held one another in contempt and now stand on the verge of civil war. Both Issia and …

  • Oleg's Trading Post

    Oleg’s Trading Post is located at the southern edge of [[Rostland]] (and thus [[Brevoy]]). To the south, the green line of the Narlmarches looms only a few miles away. Owned and operated by [[:oleg-leventon | Oleg Leventon]] and his wife [[:svetlana- …

  • The Greenbelt

    This area of the [[Stolen Lands]] was assigned to the party as the group's exploration limits. It encompasses an area 36 miles wide by 100 miles long. The following are important locations in the Greenbelt: * [[Oleg's Trading Post]] * [[Bokken's …

  • Old Sycamore Tree

    The mite's lair. Their leader Grabbles and his pet tick Tickleback were defeated by the party. Although not exterminated, the mites are now leaderless. Looks like the mites of the Sycamore tree are at war with the [[Sootscale Kobolds]].

  • The Temple of the Elk

    The temple to Erastil has now been cleansed and is tended by [[:jhod-kavken-23 | Jhod Kavken]]. Anyone drinking from its fountain's waters is affected by _cure light wounds_. Back to [[The Greenbelt]]

  • Erastil's Statue

    An old statue of Erastil was discovered and cleaned by the party. After they found a dead unicorn, it was laid to rest here where it lies to this day. Back to [[The Greenbelt]]

  • Boggard's Lair

    An unfriendly boggard was discovered inhabiting this place. It seems to have two Slurk pets with him. He ran the party off "his lands" Back to [[The Greenbelt]]