Kingmaker! a Pathfinder Adventure Path

Session one: The trapper's outpost
The best place to start is the next to last page, but we're starting at the beginning damn it!

The groups started out it’s epic journey, meeting a small collection along the way to the stolen lands. The group has started as 2 halflings of differing manners of ill repute, 1 mounted dwarf, and a human explorer. At the end of the road, we arrived at an outpost where Brevoy trappers had been living. The trappers traded here, and the couple who maintained the fort seemed to have been troubled by bandits. We managed to ambush the small party sent to collect protection money, and rather safely apprehended the group through barrels of oil and stealth. We helped make some minor repairs to the fort after questioning the prisoners and set off to explore with some newly acquired goods and horses. (2 of them smaller horses, some might say ponies)

We explored to the southwest, but there was no sign of the bandit camp, which leads us to believe the bandits are to the west from information given by the bandits. We did, however come across a small band of kobolds. The kobolds don’t seem to be too good at fighting . . .

They also managed to have some moon radishes, which make a delicious soup. Delicious, delicious, soup. Worth 250 gold. When we arrived back at the encampment, the guard that had been promised to the trappers had finally arrived, which will allow further freedom to explore without leaving the encampment in too much danger.

-People who can think of other information, please fill in.


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