Party Loot

The party's current loot


Loot as of 3/17/2013

Note 1: On Carlos’ advice we decided to take a new method to distributing party gold. The gold obtained during a day’s adventures will be split evenly among all participating players, with one extra share going to the party’s treasury.

Note 2: I only know of a few things we had in our party inventory, so if anyone remembers anything else we had let me know.

The adventurers all gained 6,129 GP on 3/17/2013

Current Part Treasury: 15,729 GP

A good chunk of change was spent reviving our temporarily-deceased Baron Muninn. We also donated some money to the victims of a serial killer that stalked our kingdom.


+1 Thundering Morningstar (large)
Magical Hide Armor +1 (large) x2
Necklace of Fireballs (1 8d6, 2 4d6, 3 2d6)
Necklace of natural armor +2
Tree Tokens x3


Party Loot

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