Kingmaker! a Pathfinder Adventure Path

The Restov Summons

After the party defeated the Stag Lord, word of their deed reached the ears of the Swordlords of Restov. After the incarceration and later execution of Falgrim Sneeg, a summons came to Oleg’s Trading Post. Your group is to present itself to the courts of Restov at the shortest notice. Accompanied by their now friends Oleg and Svetlana Leventon, the group makes the trip to Restov. In just two short days the group arrives at the city, and proceeds to find the Hall of the Swordlords.

You were all here once before, when you received your charter. But now the halls look… smaller. You are escorted to the meeting room. A large circular table sits in the middle, with rudimentary maps and models of the River Kingdoms region covering its surface. The Swordlords are accompanied by Lord Mayor Sellemius who turns to address you.

“Friends! Glad that you could make it back to the city as quickly as you did. I want to get straight to the reason of this meeting. We have heard of your feats at the Greenbelt, and wish to not only congratulate you, but reward you as well. As promised, 5,000 crowns are to be delivered to you for the head of the bandit known as the Stag Lord. We also want to present yo with a new charter. You have proven more than worthy, even if your team was in the Greenbelt, which is the tamest of the Stolen Lands. This charter grants you the right to rule the lands assigned to you. As a symbol of trust we will be also sending men, laborers and materials to help your efforts to civilize the land. (this is your initial 50 BP) I apologize that we cannot send more help, but remember that we are always under the constant watch of the Issians, and we don’t want Brevoy to think that we are inciting war by growing Rostland’s borders. For this reason, I must declare your kingdom as an independent nation, not a part of Restov or Rostland. Of course, we hope that “unofficially” you will remain our staunch allies."

“One other matter. You are probably wondering how the other teams are doing. The team dispatched to the Nomen Heights have mimicked your success, and they have already established a kingdom as well. Varnhold they chose to call it. Might be worth a visit sometime. The team sent to the Slough had problems with the local fauna, but has recently also received a charter to rule the land, just before you were here. The final team, sent to the Glenebon Uplands, is still alive we think. But it would not surprise us if they have fallen. The Uplands are definitely the most dangerous of the four regions, with not only large creatures roaming it’s lands, but also their close proximity to the barbarian tribes and kingdoms like Pitax. But we hope to receive word from them soon.”

“Well, our business is concluded gentlemen. Please return and tame the lands of the Greenbelt. We have high hopes for you and your fellow teams, but I have to admit to being especially interested in your development. You encountered more opposition than we expected in the past few months. But do not let your guard down. The Southern Greenbelt is much more treacherous than the north. Trappers and bandits rarely venture there for fear of their life. To our knowledge, only a single logging camp has dared settle in the region. The region is wild, but we have high hopes in you. Farewell, compatriots, and good luck in the coming months.”

After his talk with you, you finish your business in Restov and trail back to Oleg’s. After the two day trip back, the team decides on a name: Grenhelm! this will be the name of the kingdom to be founded. A location has been chosen as well: the Stag Lord’s old fort. With it’s centralized location, it will serve as a great capital to the kingdom, and a seat of power for the party.



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