Kingmaker! a Pathfinder Adventure Path

The founding of Grenhelm

founding grenhelm

Many many events later, we have cleared the northernmost portions our charters allow us to venture through. We have vanquished the common threats of the area and stopped the major banditry ring in the area with help from our dumb luck, an owlbear, a turncoat, and despite of zombies, an owlbear, and tactical errors.

The Stag Lord was running the bandit force, based in a temple of ill gods, and has been eliminated. The kobolds and mites accept our authority in the region. We have received the new charter to start a new county in these lands with support of the sword lords, and the lands will soon be brought under our rule if all goes as planned. Our main group and the many who have helped us so far are taking roles in the government. Hopefully we will provide more information as it becomes readily available. Until later entries, Glory to Grenhelm!

p.s.- founders of Grenhelm: Grand Treasurer Kreed “clockwork”, Dusk “the Justice”, Sir Azgur, Baron Munnin von Grenhelm, High Magister Wizzbang Poppopolus, Fitz “Wildguard”



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