Kingmaker! a Pathfinder Adventure Path

Speech found in Muninn's desk

This was found, a scribbling on parchment balled up on Muninn’s desk shortly after he was revived

I am not the ruler that I should be. I have come here seeking a place to call home where those who come to know me would overcome see past my faults strange nature. I am by no means great, and by no means grand, and by no means strong. I simply am trying to work towards something worthwhile. I am foolhardy to undertake such a task as to rule a kingdom. The frailty of mortals makes it hard to reach for greatness. The frailty of outcasts means that we must.

I have risked much coming to this strange country, as have all my countrymen. I run into the wilds with the leaders of this town, and this seemed wise. I am no longer so sure. In my last adventure, this adventuring achieved two things. It left our city unguarded, and, while we succeeded in our goal of stopping the trolls, lead me into the hands of the powers that grant me my own powers strength and talents.

I know now that leading our lands forward will take every bit of me. I will have to use every trick that I may learn. The stars guide me at night, and I feel their presence even more. During the day, I am more lost than when the stars are shining. But I want the kingdom to know the darkest hour is just before dawn, and I am at my we are at our strongest under the stars.



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