Kingmaker! a Pathfinder Adventure Path

Of werewolves and assassins

The first 10 months since Grenhelm’s founding were pretty eventful. After their charter was issue the Founders built their Castle. Leadership was decided, and edicts enacted. For a few months, expansion occurred uneventfully. Over the course of the 10 months, Grenhelm grew to a city of 3,250 inhabitants, and a value of 2,000gp. it contains the Founder’s Castle (needs a name), a noble villa, luxury store, a baker and some houses.

The kingdom itself is not doing bad. Now a decently large kingdom (7 hexes), it contains 4 farms and 2 mines in its lands. The Sootscale Kobolds were recruited to join the kingdom, and offered to mine the caverns for silver in exchange of protection and food for themselves. After a quick exploration between Oleg’s and Grenhelm, the Founders found something they missed on their first visit to the land: a gold mine ripe for the taking! The hex was annexed and another mine founded in it’s location. 5,000 people inhabit the Barony of Grenhelm.

Not all was calm in the kingdom however. A few months in, a serial killer appeared in Grenhelm! The Warden tried and tried, but it took him 3 months to catch this murderer! Additionally, on the first month of the year 4713 livestock and two humans were murdered in town on consecutive days. On the third day, the Founders starting asking around town, and eventually followed the trail of the murdered to the Hopping Hare inn, where a suspicious Khelid man was seen recently. The word “werewolf” started to be thrown around. After the visit to the inn, where the Founders found the severed ear of one of the victims the day before, they decided to spring a trap. Dusk was assigned guard duty at the Hopping Hare (with an open bar tab of course!) and the Founders stalked the streets to find signs of howling or large wolves. The guards were instructed to keep an eye out for Khelid men. After nightfall the Founders found this man, Kundal, who had indeed turned into a werewolf. Entering a barbarian rage, and swiping with his greataxe, Kundal began to assault the party. Even without silver weapons, the werewolf was no match for the Founders, and he was rendered unconscious. Kundal was transported to the Founder’s castle, awaiting interrogation by Dusk, the Royal Assassin.


Some additional notes from Fitz:

4713 was the year that the livestock and two humans died, it is not the number of livestock that died!

Also, the 3 month long hunt for the serial killer was quite daunting and caused unrest in the kingdom. Fortunately, in the same month he was caught, a local artist painted a much-renowned painting that brought praise upon himself and our kingdom and helped ease the populace significantly. In his honor we have dedicated our currently 1 festival-per-year, the festival of colors known as Dola Jata Day (or Dola Day).

We also received a husband and wife who wished to build a small fishing village in the forest to the West. With our blessing they have now set up the small but growing town of Tatzlford (?) in the area once terrorized by the tatzlwyrm. They have promised that should our kingdom ever reach them, they will willingly be annexed into our territory, for which in exchange we have promised protection should they ever request it.

Finally, on a more personal note, Fitz is quite content with the progress of the kingdom now that a bakery has been built. He happily spends his free 3 weeks of the month baking and has so far generated a modest some of money doing so, around 250 gp. He even in the search for the werewolf met a Khelid woman, who is interested in joining him as an assistant baker (despite the fact that his attempt to impress her included saying “well my wife just died so I have a lot of free time”).

Of werewolves and assassins

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