Kingmaker! a Pathfinder Adventure Path

Gregori and Tsishad

Almost at the anniversary of the founding of Grenhelm, two very different incidents occurred.

A very peculiar traveler to the River Kingdom, Tsishad is a Wayang from far away Tien-Xa. He came to Greenhelm after living in Restov for a small amount of time. Restov, with its increase in trade thanks to two of the expedition forces establishing kingdoms in the Stolen Lands, decided to send a new pair of hands down to each team. Tsishad was the one chosen to go down to the Greenbelt team. After arriving in Grenhelm and helping the Founders check on the plagued glade and dead unicorn, he was accepted into the group and replaced Mikmek as the kingdom’s Spymaster. Tsishad thought it was quite fitting.

The same month, the citizenship of Grenhelm was accosted by the bard Grigori. Using his enthrall spells and fascinate abilities, he tried to convince the populace that the Founders were unfit and selfish rulers, and the citizens should oust Baron Munin and his cohorts. After two months of stirring Unrest, the Founders decided to arrest Grigori for sedition. After an interrogation and subsequent trial, Grigori was found guilty by the people of Grenhelm for treason, and exiled out of the kingdom. After using confess to force Gregori to talk, the founders learned that the bard was sent here by an unknown party, set to see their little fledgling kingdom fail…

Finally, after hearing rumors of the Lonely Barrow, final resting place of the Lonely Warrior, from a group of Gnomes they saved, the party decided to explore and find the tomb. On the way, the threats of the worg Howl-of-the-North and the turtle Crackjaw were slain. Arriving at the tomb, the small complex was easy to explore. After a small scuffle with bat swarms and risen skeletons, the party found and faced the Lonely Warrior, who had turned into a Wight by unknown evil forces. However, with the undead body laid to rest, Dusk claimed Feyfall an ancient +2 broken fey bane greataxe who had lied in the tomb since the tiger lords ruled the Stolen Lands.

From Tsishad’s story:

Tsishad is a bit odd for a Wayang. While most Wayangs tend to avoid society and keep to themselves, Tsi is highly social with other races and far more trusting of the clever elves and the presumably greedy humans. However, he is still a Wayang and feels a strong sense of community with his home. He has traveled from his home to prove that Wayangs can survive in general society, to prove to his family that humanity is not the enemy.

Quite the oddity of his tribe, he still comes off as slightly awkward to most humanoids, as he is mostly used to speaking to just his family in his youth. Furthering this awkwardness, he practices the craft of necromancy, trying to relate himself more to the shadows of his Wayang ancestry. Often misunderstood when he declares himself as a “necromancer,” he is not one for skeletons and zombies. While not opposed to the craft of reanimation and an occasional user as such, he prefers to stay to the dark arts of decay and shadow magic.

He comes to the River Lands to seek places for his families to expand, as Wayangs are constantly looking for new areas to hide their secret tribes. More importantly, he also has high hopes that one day he can convince his family that they can integrate into normal society and live among the humans.



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