Kingmaker! a Pathfinder Adventure Path

As the anniversary of our founding of Grenhelm nears, I found myself looking back at all of my accomplishments. I have seen more of the world then I could have ever imagined, and done more in a few short years than would be fitting for 3 whole lifetimes, yet it often feels like a hollow success without anyone to share it with. I am grateful for the bonds I have developed with my team of ragtag adventures and rulers, and living up to their expectations can be a heavy burden on the shoulders of one as small as I. But nothing can replace the longing for my family. I know Sarah is watching down on me and is no doubt proud of the man I have become since her passing, but I know she would scold me for the time I’ve spent playing the hero while our daughter remains at large.

Penelope. Where are you? I had thought I would hear word about you sometime in the last few years, especially as our kingdom grows and I gain more visibility into the surrounding regions. The thought of you still being held in slavery keeps me up at night. But what can I do? Should I sail to Katapesh and visit every slave market and auction house? Have you been sold to a merchant in Jalmeray or Irrisen? I grieve knowing that you are enslaved and far from home, and that it is my fault. I could pay off my old debt tenfold now, and yet I know not where you are to do so.

There have been a few whispers about a caravan of slavers headed for Cheliax, to sell their thousands of captives into the slave trade on the Inner Seas. It is said they are in Galt, taking young boys and girls for their caravan. They move slowly, but I hear that within a month they will depart. I imagine they will head southwest, along the Five Kings Mountains before following the coast west to Cheliax. Perhaps I will ask my fellow rulers if they will allow me to venture to Galt in search of my dear Penelope.



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