Kingmaker! a Pathfinder Adventure Path

Dusk's Diary Entry #18

Little did I know. When I set out from that small seaside village, I sought naught but a simple diversion – a refreshing wilderness excursion of a few months; perhaps a bit of coin to fill my meager purse. Sheer mind-numbing boredom was all that the dim inhabitants of that provincial town had to offer. It was all they had given me for the past three years. I was as fed up with their thin homemade mead as their old stories. Perhaps now – with some distance – I can admit that I was finally fed up with their thinly-veiled distrust of me. If I continued to live amongst them, to catch food for them and avert my gaze from their scorn-filled eyes in exchange for nothing more than supposed safety… somewhere inside maybe part of me knew my very soul would soon erupt.

Little did I know the reasons that the Lords of Brevoy had for issuing that charter. Could they pick a more mottle gang to clear this land for civilization? Perhaps it was wildness like our very own that the sought. Perhaps we would be more likely to thrive at such a challenge than trained, regimented soldiers. Perhaps we were simply more expendable. Either way, I cared not. Confident in my strengths – my years spent tracking, stalking, and secretly studying – I set out for my own reasons, theirs be damned.

Little did I know that this group – apparently chosen at random by the Lords to appease their idol curiosity – would become friends and more to me in such a short time. Few have so quickly, so warmly accepted a cup divinely offered as these half-men. Indeed, more than one of them has saved my very life in the past year. They seem to understand more intuitively than any men I’ve met before or since the import of honest, simple brotherhood. By sharing a drink or escaping Pharasma’s yard together, two men forge a bond truer than any other. Little did I know that that was what I sought.



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