Kingmaker! a Pathfinder Adventure Path

Speech found in Muninn's desk

This was found, a scribbling on parchment balled up on Muninn’s desk shortly after he was revived

I am not the ruler that I should be. I have come here seeking a place to call home where those who come to know me would overcome see past my faults strange nature. I am by no means great, and by no means grand, and by no means strong. I simply am trying to work towards something worthwhile. I am foolhardy to undertake such a task as to rule a kingdom. The frailty of mortals makes it hard to reach for greatness. The frailty of outcasts means that we must.

I have risked much coming to this strange country, as have all my countrymen. I run into the wilds with the leaders of this town, and this seemed wise. I am no longer so sure. In my last adventure, this adventuring achieved two things. It left our city unguarded, and, while we succeeded in our goal of stopping the trolls, lead me into the hands of the powers that grant me my own powers strength and talents.

I know now that leading our lands forward will take every bit of me. I will have to use every trick that I may learn. The stars guide me at night, and I feel their presence even more. During the day, I am more lost than when the stars are shining. But I want the kingdom to know the darkest hour is just before dawn, and I am at my we are at our strongest under the stars.

Dusk's Diary Entry #18

Little did I know. When I set out from that small seaside village, I sought naught but a simple diversion – a refreshing wilderness excursion of a few months; perhaps a bit of coin to fill my meager purse. Sheer mind-numbing boredom was all that the dim inhabitants of that provincial town had to offer. It was all they had given me for the past three years. I was as fed up with their thin homemade mead as their old stories. Perhaps now – with some distance – I can admit that I was finally fed up with their thinly-veiled distrust of me. If I continued to live amongst them, to catch food for them and avert my gaze from their scorn-filled eyes in exchange for nothing more than supposed safety… somewhere inside maybe part of me knew my very soul would soon erupt.

Little did I know the reasons that the Lords of Brevoy had for issuing that charter. Could they pick a more mottle gang to clear this land for civilization? Perhaps it was wildness like our very own that the sought. Perhaps we would be more likely to thrive at such a challenge than trained, regimented soldiers. Perhaps we were simply more expendable. Either way, I cared not. Confident in my strengths – my years spent tracking, stalking, and secretly studying – I set out for my own reasons, theirs be damned.

Little did I know that this group – apparently chosen at random by the Lords to appease their idol curiosity – would become friends and more to me in such a short time. Few have so quickly, so warmly accepted a cup divinely offered as these half-men. Indeed, more than one of them has saved my very life in the past year. They seem to understand more intuitively than any men I’ve met before or since the import of honest, simple brotherhood. By sharing a drink or escaping Pharasma’s yard together, two men forge a bond truer than any other. Little did I know that that was what I sought.

Fitz's Log #2

A new adventure begins!
My fellow rulers were generous enough to give me leave to search for Penelope. I have just returned from Galt where word had it that a band of slavers were taking more free folk captive to be sold into slavery, I had hoped to find Penelope among them. On my return I discovered that Grenhelm had narrowly survived a tense 2 months of unrest, fueled by the treacherous Grigori. On a better note, we have a new addition to the council, Tsishad, who I’ll confess is a bit odd. He’s friendly enough, though his obsession with dead things and the dark arts creeps me out. His quarters are full of oozing, fleshy things in jars and smells constantly of mold, decay, and burnt hair.

But returning to my travels to Galt…
I traveled south with a party of 6 ex-Brevoy soldiers who were beginning to make a name for themselves adventuring. We followed the rivers south to the west edge of Galt. We rode quickly and though we passed through some unexplored portions of the Greenbelt, we did not have time to explore it. (The Grenhelm council and I will need to find time to do so in the future.) I laugh when I imagine my father’s reaction to see me galloping full speed, with a band of humans and one elf in tow. I used to fantasize about adventurers as a lad, but whenever I’d mention knights and dragons and the like he’d just say “If it don’t taste sweet or kiss ya sweeter, I don’t want nothin to do with it.” And it’s true that I did feel a good deal safer when I was up to my ears in flour, but I think my new way of life is suiting me well enough.

The way to Galt was mostly uneventful. A few packs of kobolds scattered as we rode through, and we did come across one crotchety ferryman who waited until we were passing through the middle of the river to tell us that if we didn’t pay double he’d strand us and our horses there. I about showed him the edge of my blade, but when I learned that his mother was sick and he needed the money for medicines I took pity on him and gave him enough coin to fund her recovery. Also, Paermin (the elf) developed a rash in his trousers so he had to ride for 3 days sitting on a pillow, which gave the guys and I a lot of laughs and earned him the nickname Prissy Paermin!

I had been warned that Galt was a chaotic region. But I still wasn’t prepared for the turmoil and raw anarchy of the land and in the hearts of its citizens. Heavens help us if Grenhelm falls into a similar state. I have made a vow since visiting Galt to work twice as hard to ensure Grenhelm’s stability.

I was concerned about our potential reception in Galt, where I’m told that outsiders often meet an unhappy end. Fortunately, one of our party members had immigrated from there and was able to guide us through successfully. The main tactic it seemed was to keep your head low, your opinions to yourself, and be careful not to offend anybody. We also made sure to stay clear of Litran, where even stepping on the wrong cobblestone can earn you a ticket to the executioner’s block.

Word was that some kidnappings had occurred in Isarn, but by the time we got there there was no sign of the slavers. We did find the remnants of an outpost camp on the edges of the woods, with tracks leading deeper to a massive clearing. The clearing seemed to have been used for a much larger camp, almost a temporary settlement. By the looks of it, there could have been over 500 people there, with small shacks and other temporary structures having been left behind. It seems the caravan headed southwest, as I expected the slavers to do, but the tracks were old. Most likely they’d been gone for at least a month, which corresponded with all of the other evidence.

I’ll admit I’m heartbroken to know that I’m still so far away from having my Penelope returned to me, but this feels like a good first step towards tracking down the vile men who took her. As I stood in the clearing near Isarn I just knew in my gut that Penelope had been there. Sadly I had to return to Grenhelm since we were not outfitted for such a quest as tracking down the slave caravan. But I know that with a caravan of that size, they will be travelling for Cheliax very slowly. I’d estimate they may make it there within a year at the earliest, which gives me time to prepare and hopefully convince our full party to take up the chase.

Wherever you are, Penelope, stay strong and don’t forget I’m coming for you.

Fitz's Log #1

As the anniversary of our founding of Grenhelm nears, I found myself looking back at all of my accomplishments. I have seen more of the world then I could have ever imagined, and done more in a few short years than would be fitting for 3 whole lifetimes, yet it often feels like a hollow success without anyone to share it with. I am grateful for the bonds I have developed with my team of ragtag adventures and rulers, and living up to their expectations can be a heavy burden on the shoulders of one as small as I. But nothing can replace the longing for my family. I know Sarah is watching down on me and is no doubt proud of the man I have become since her passing, but I know she would scold me for the time I’ve spent playing the hero while our daughter remains at large.

Penelope. Where are you? I had thought I would hear word about you sometime in the last few years, especially as our kingdom grows and I gain more visibility into the surrounding regions. The thought of you still being held in slavery keeps me up at night. But what can I do? Should I sail to Katapesh and visit every slave market and auction house? Have you been sold to a merchant in Jalmeray or Irrisen? I grieve knowing that you are enslaved and far from home, and that it is my fault. I could pay off my old debt tenfold now, and yet I know not where you are to do so.

There have been a few whispers about a caravan of slavers headed for Cheliax, to sell their thousands of captives into the slave trade on the Inner Seas. It is said they are in Galt, taking young boys and girls for their caravan. They move slowly, but I hear that within a month they will depart. I imagine they will head southwest, along the Five Kings Mountains before following the coast west to Cheliax. Perhaps I will ask my fellow rulers if they will allow me to venture to Galt in search of my dear Penelope.

Gregori and Tsishad

Almost at the anniversary of the founding of Grenhelm, two very different incidents occurred.

A very peculiar traveler to the River Kingdom, Tsishad is a Wayang from far away Tien-Xa. He came to Greenhelm after living in Restov for a small amount of time. Restov, with its increase in trade thanks to two of the expedition forces establishing kingdoms in the Stolen Lands, decided to send a new pair of hands down to each team. Tsishad was the one chosen to go down to the Greenbelt team. After arriving in Grenhelm and helping the Founders check on the plagued glade and dead unicorn, he was accepted into the group and replaced Mikmek as the kingdom’s Spymaster. Tsishad thought it was quite fitting.

The same month, the citizenship of Grenhelm was accosted by the bard Grigori. Using his enthrall spells and fascinate abilities, he tried to convince the populace that the Founders were unfit and selfish rulers, and the citizens should oust Baron Munin and his cohorts. After two months of stirring Unrest, the Founders decided to arrest Grigori for sedition. After an interrogation and subsequent trial, Grigori was found guilty by the people of Grenhelm for treason, and exiled out of the kingdom. After using confess to force Gregori to talk, the founders learned that the bard was sent here by an unknown party, set to see their little fledgling kingdom fail…

Finally, after hearing rumors of the Lonely Barrow, final resting place of the Lonely Warrior, from a group of Gnomes they saved, the party decided to explore and find the tomb. On the way, the threats of the worg Howl-of-the-North and the turtle Crackjaw were slain. Arriving at the tomb, the small complex was easy to explore. After a small scuffle with bat swarms and risen skeletons, the party found and faced the Lonely Warrior, who had turned into a Wight by unknown evil forces. However, with the undead body laid to rest, Dusk claimed Feyfall an ancient +2 broken fey bane greataxe who had lied in the tomb since the tiger lords ruled the Stolen Lands.

From Tsishad’s story:

Tsishad is a bit odd for a Wayang. While most Wayangs tend to avoid society and keep to themselves, Tsi is highly social with other races and far more trusting of the clever elves and the presumably greedy humans. However, he is still a Wayang and feels a strong sense of community with his home. He has traveled from his home to prove that Wayangs can survive in general society, to prove to his family that humanity is not the enemy.

Quite the oddity of his tribe, he still comes off as slightly awkward to most humanoids, as he is mostly used to speaking to just his family in his youth. Furthering this awkwardness, he practices the craft of necromancy, trying to relate himself more to the shadows of his Wayang ancestry. Often misunderstood when he declares himself as a “necromancer,” he is not one for skeletons and zombies. While not opposed to the craft of reanimation and an occasional user as such, he prefers to stay to the dark arts of decay and shadow magic.

He comes to the River Lands to seek places for his families to expand, as Wayangs are constantly looking for new areas to hide their secret tribes. More importantly, he also has high hopes that one day he can convince his family that they can integrate into normal society and live among the humans.

Of werewolves and assassins

The first 10 months since Grenhelm’s founding were pretty eventful. After their charter was issue the Founders built their Castle. Leadership was decided, and edicts enacted. For a few months, expansion occurred uneventfully. Over the course of the 10 months, Grenhelm grew to a city of 3,250 inhabitants, and a value of 2,000gp. it contains the Founder’s Castle (needs a name), a noble villa, luxury store, a baker and some houses.

The kingdom itself is not doing bad. Now a decently large kingdom (7 hexes), it contains 4 farms and 2 mines in its lands. The Sootscale Kobolds were recruited to join the kingdom, and offered to mine the caverns for silver in exchange of protection and food for themselves. After a quick exploration between Oleg’s and Grenhelm, the Founders found something they missed on their first visit to the land: a gold mine ripe for the taking! The hex was annexed and another mine founded in it’s location. 5,000 people inhabit the Barony of Grenhelm.

Not all was calm in the kingdom however. A few months in, a serial killer appeared in Grenhelm! The Warden tried and tried, but it took him 3 months to catch this murderer! Additionally, on the first month of the year 4713 livestock and two humans were murdered in town on consecutive days. On the third day, the Founders starting asking around town, and eventually followed the trail of the murdered to the Hopping Hare inn, where a suspicious Khelid man was seen recently. The word “werewolf” started to be thrown around. After the visit to the inn, where the Founders found the severed ear of one of the victims the day before, they decided to spring a trap. Dusk was assigned guard duty at the Hopping Hare (with an open bar tab of course!) and the Founders stalked the streets to find signs of howling or large wolves. The guards were instructed to keep an eye out for Khelid men. After nightfall the Founders found this man, Kundal, who had indeed turned into a werewolf. Entering a barbarian rage, and swiping with his greataxe, Kundal began to assault the party. Even without silver weapons, the werewolf was no match for the Founders, and he was rendered unconscious. Kundal was transported to the Founder’s castle, awaiting interrogation by Dusk, the Royal Assassin.

The Restov Summons

After the party defeated the Stag Lord, word of their deed reached the ears of the Swordlords of Restov. After the incarceration and later execution of Falgrim Sneeg, a summons came to Oleg’s Trading Post. Your group is to present itself to the courts of Restov at the shortest notice. Accompanied by their now friends Oleg and Svetlana Leventon, the group makes the trip to Restov. In just two short days the group arrives at the city, and proceeds to find the Hall of the Swordlords.

You were all here once before, when you received your charter. But now the halls look… smaller. You are escorted to the meeting room. A large circular table sits in the middle, with rudimentary maps and models of the River Kingdoms region covering its surface. The Swordlords are accompanied by Lord Mayor Sellemius who turns to address you.

“Friends! Glad that you could make it back to the city as quickly as you did. I want to get straight to the reason of this meeting. We have heard of your feats at the Greenbelt, and wish to not only congratulate you, but reward you as well. As promised, 5,000 crowns are to be delivered to you for the head of the bandit known as the Stag Lord. We also want to present yo with a new charter. You have proven more than worthy, even if your team was in the Greenbelt, which is the tamest of the Stolen Lands. This charter grants you the right to rule the lands assigned to you. As a symbol of trust we will be also sending men, laborers and materials to help your efforts to civilize the land. (this is your initial 50 BP) I apologize that we cannot send more help, but remember that we are always under the constant watch of the Issians, and we don’t want Brevoy to think that we are inciting war by growing Rostland’s borders. For this reason, I must declare your kingdom as an independent nation, not a part of Restov or Rostland. Of course, we hope that “unofficially” you will remain our staunch allies."

“One other matter. You are probably wondering how the other teams are doing. The team dispatched to the Nomen Heights have mimicked your success, and they have already established a kingdom as well. Varnhold they chose to call it. Might be worth a visit sometime. The team sent to the Slough had problems with the local fauna, but has recently also received a charter to rule the land, just before you were here. The final team, sent to the Glenebon Uplands, is still alive we think. But it would not surprise us if they have fallen. The Uplands are definitely the most dangerous of the four regions, with not only large creatures roaming it’s lands, but also their close proximity to the barbarian tribes and kingdoms like Pitax. But we hope to receive word from them soon.”

“Well, our business is concluded gentlemen. Please return and tame the lands of the Greenbelt. We have high hopes for you and your fellow teams, but I have to admit to being especially interested in your development. You encountered more opposition than we expected in the past few months. But do not let your guard down. The Southern Greenbelt is much more treacherous than the north. Trappers and bandits rarely venture there for fear of their life. To our knowledge, only a single logging camp has dared settle in the region. The region is wild, but we have high hopes in you. Farewell, compatriots, and good luck in the coming months.”

After his talk with you, you finish your business in Restov and trail back to Oleg’s. After the two day trip back, the team decides on a name: Grenhelm! this will be the name of the kingdom to be founded. A location has been chosen as well: the Stag Lord’s old fort. With it’s centralized location, it will serve as a great capital to the kingdom, and a seat of power for the party.

The founding of Grenhelm
founding grenhelm

Many many events later, we have cleared the northernmost portions our charters allow us to venture through. We have vanquished the common threats of the area and stopped the major banditry ring in the area with help from our dumb luck, an owlbear, a turncoat, and despite of zombies, an owlbear, and tactical errors.

The Stag Lord was running the bandit force, based in a temple of ill gods, and has been eliminated. The kobolds and mites accept our authority in the region. We have received the new charter to start a new county in these lands with support of the sword lords, and the lands will soon be brought under our rule if all goes as planned. Our main group and the many who have helped us so far are taking roles in the government. Hopefully we will provide more information as it becomes readily available. Until later entries, Glory to Grenhelm!

p.s.- founders of Grenhelm: Grand Treasurer Kreed “clockwork”, Dusk “the Justice”, Sir Azgur, Baron Munnin von Grenhelm, High Magister Wizzbang Poppopolus, Fitz “Wildguard”

Session one: The trapper's outpost
The best place to start is the next to last page, but we're starting at the beginning damn it!

The groups started out it’s epic journey, meeting a small collection along the way to the stolen lands. The group has started as 2 halflings of differing manners of ill repute, 1 mounted dwarf, and a human explorer. At the end of the road, we arrived at an outpost where Brevoy trappers had been living. The trappers traded here, and the couple who maintained the fort seemed to have been troubled by bandits. We managed to ambush the small party sent to collect protection money, and rather safely apprehended the group through barrels of oil and stealth. We helped make some minor repairs to the fort after questioning the prisoners and set off to explore with some newly acquired goods and horses. (2 of them smaller horses, some might say ponies)

We explored to the southwest, but there was no sign of the bandit camp, which leads us to believe the bandits are to the west from information given by the bandits. We did, however come across a small band of kobolds. The kobolds don’t seem to be too good at fighting . . .

They also managed to have some moon radishes, which make a delicious soup. Delicious, delicious, soup. Worth 250 gold. When we arrived back at the encampment, the guard that had been promised to the trappers had finally arrived, which will allow further freedom to explore without leaving the encampment in too much danger.

-People who can think of other information, please fill in.


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